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Jason Lazarus - Self portrait as an artist burning down the Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago, IL)

Yiqing Yin Haute Couture Fall 2013 

Anonymous: where do you go?

reed college !!

here’s a quick summary: EVERYONE has purple hair and a lip ring, everyone is super smart and brews toilet wine/manufactures LSD in their dorms some-fuckin’-how, everyone is consistently stoned/strung out in between strivin for their phd in molecular biology…it’s weird here…it’s an alien planet

irration replied to your post: "college is where u become a completel…

Dorms r hell

they so are please god save me from these grey concrete walls n the weird dude with super long hair who brews his own kombucha :-/

isnt ur school supposed 2 be super chill abt this kind of stuff omg

yes ??? our motto is literally “communism, atheism, and free love” but that is the most misleading thing ever b/c the cops are consistently up ur butt and u have to pay for literally everything including use of the washers/dryers >:-(((

on the other hand they have an agreement with the portland p.d. that the police won’t get involved if you’re caught with drugs or alcohol and it’ll stay off your criminal record :-)))

"college is where u become a completely independent adult" the admin says as they hire cops to sniff the air outside each dorm room for weed and write up minors for recycling beer cans

oh my gOD karen o is so beautiful and amazing every song on crush songs is a GEM :-0