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 Phebe Schmidt

Anonymous: so i've liked guy named ryan for the past 4 months now and i'm slowly getting over him and i just saw your post as a random coincidence and gives me confidence to stop thinking about him

Hey!!!! That’s awesome!! I’m really happy for ya :):) at least what sucks for me is good for you! Stay positive my bean

lil quick reminders 2 self:
-ryan is not the only boy u will ever love!! that makes no sense n that doesn’t happen
-PLS stop going back to ryan every time another boy lets u down
-ryan sucks n makes u cry a lot
-boys are stupid stop liking them they’re terrible
-pet a dog
-eat more avocado


"Fresh Accent", Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris September 2010

Ye Rin Mok

Oscar Muñoz Colombian ArtistCortinas de Baño (Shower Curtains) , 1994Acrylic on plastic, five curtains

[Madame Peripetie]